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    Rules and Regulations
    12th July 2015 , 10:00 Old Lake Golf Club



    The rules and regulations of R&A Rules Limited, the operative competition and ranking rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation and the local rules of O.L.G.C. shall be applicable with the following coments:


    1. The tournament is open for ladies and gentlemen, amateur and professional golfers as well. There is no handicap limit because we count the ages of wedded or relationship years as the handicap. We wait registration of group of four people and the team handicap will be counted as mentioned above. The sum of the ages will be divided by eight.

    (Sample: Ages: 20y + 12y + 34y + 22 y = 88y/8= 11 team HCP)

    If only 2 or 3 players attend in a flight on the tournament we divide the team HCP by 4 (2 players), or 6 (3 players).


    2. The Committee:

                    Fehér Zsolt

                    Nagy László

    3. Entry deadline: 12th July 2015, 12:00

    4. Entry fee: 20.000 HUF/player, 80.000 HUF/team (4 player),

    5. The Committe allows the plyaers to set up the teams however the OLGC heps to complete the flights in case of less than four people.

    The tournament starts with shot-gun, the first tee of the flights will be drawn in the morning.

    6. In case of withdrawal the 50% of the entry fee must be paid unless the Committee decides differently.

    7. Local rules: the Old Lake Golf Club present local rules.

    8. Tees

    Men (professionals ):                          yellow / white tee

    Senior/Junior (14-21 y) (prof.):             blue tee

    Women, kids (under 14 y) (prof.):        red / blue tee

    9. Professional players can be caddie.

    10. Range finders can be used unless it delays the game.

    11. Club car can be used.

    12. Remonstrate fee: 25.000 HUF.


    The rules and regulations only used only at the Husbands’ Tournament.


    The Committee

    Fehér Zsolt, founder „Férjek Versenye”

    Nagy László, „ Nagy Laci”

    © 2009   Férjek Jótékonysági Golfversenye - Minden jog fenntartva!