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    Golf is Game of Excuse

    Golf is game of excuse. It’s easier to look for excuses instead to go to the driving range and hit out 1000 golf balls.
    No.1.: "My coach is Fehér Zsolt" (Zelczer György).
    All the golf schools I liked were too expensive - so I self-taught.
    Damn it, have you no etiquette? Please quit breathing when I swing.
    Ever since I made a hole-in-one, I can''t concentrate.
    Golf is about etiquette, not playing well.
    I aimed my shoulder too far left of the target (you can change the direction as needed).
    I am allergic to the pesticide spray. My eyes are watering and I can''t see the ball.
    I am hitting the ball too perfectly. It keeps going too far.
    Since changing the ball my drives became shorter.
    I broke my pitching wedge the last time I played. This sand wedge gave me too much loft.
    I can only chip with an 8 iron. I must have left it on the last green or maybe you are trying to sabotage my round.
    I can't afford taking golf lessons.
    I can't focus on golf when my football team is playing.
    I can't golf regularly for religious reasons.
    I can't golf unless I''m clean-shaven.
    I can't play in 25 degree, sunny weather. I need snow, wind and rain.
    I can't judge my shots in this cold weather.
    I can't play with these golf balls. They are all numbered.
    I can't play with with graphite shafts. Steel is the way to go. (or visa-versa)
    I can't tee off unless a crowd of people is watching.
    I didn't have a 3 wood so I had to use my 5 wood (from 250 yards from the green).
    I didn't have enough for breakfast, I have no energy. Thanx, I cannot eat when golfing.
    I didn't open my stance and I pushed the ball.
    I don't care how I score when I''m young. My only goal is to live long enough to shoot lower than my age.
    I dropped my left shoulder and hooked the ball.
    I had a great shot, the ball went where I hit it. I just didn't see the pond.
    I hate these soft spikes. I keep slipping.
    I hurt my back when I got out of that damn cart.
    I just bought a new arm-chair and back could get use to it.
    I just want the most strokes for the money - to heck with my score.
    My putter is too long it always fouls to my belly.
    I lost all my money gambling and now I can't afford lessons.
    I lost my contact on the last hole. I'm playing one-eyed.
    I made it over the lake last time. It must be the humidity.
    Today my shots are much shorter, i guess it’s too cold today.
    I wanted to hit under the wind (if hitting a top).
    I aimed a bit to the left, ’cause of left-to-right break (or visa-versa).
    I guess the distance markers are not well measured.
    I couldn’ t warm up, I need that bucket before play.
    I useto play to links courses. I haven’t got used to trees, slopes, ponds.
    I read the putt only from three sides. I am too lazy to read all the four sides.
    I don’t want to be at home at the week-ends, that’s why I started golf. I don’t care about the score.
    I play better with hard golf balls. These soft ones are too soft.
    I play better with golfers who are actually good.
    I don’t like to play better golfers than me. Frustrates me.
    I like to play with women. They motivate me.
    I don’t like to play with women. They frustrate me.
    Today I play for the exercise, not the score.
    I played the ball too far back in my stance and I couldn't get it over that tree.
    I pulled a muscle in my leg while helping an elderly lady get her bag out of the car trunk.
    I put way too much spin on the ball and it rolled off the green, over the hill, bounced off that rake and fell into the trap.
    I quit smoking yesterday.
    I slept on my shoulder the wrong way. Now my swing is all messed up.
    I stubbed my toe on the base of my bed, now I can't wear my golf shoes.
    I teed to high (low, choose which the case needs).
    I thought blue markers meant 100 meters.
    I thought if the ball is above your feet it will slice.
    I thought if the ball is down your feet it will hook.
    I thought the white stake shows the middleof the fairway. I didn't realise it was out of bounds. That’s why I hate new courses.
    I thought this was a dog leg left. It looks like that from the score card. Why didn’t you warn me I hold reverse? (you can change the direction as neeeded).Par! Bogey? I thought this was a par 5.
    I thought this was the nine iron, not the six.
    I thought we were using the green over there.
    I thought you get a Mulligan every hole. That''s the way I was taught.
    I usually just play the slice. Now I'm hitting it straight. I just don't understand this game.I usually walk. This ''riding in the cart'' is not allowing me to get in a groove.
    Yesterday I was watching the PGA Tour. I try to hit Jim Furik’s swing.
    If the lip on the hole wasn't pushed up it would have fallen.
    I'm exhausted - the batteries in my TV remote died yesterday.
    I'm having trouble adjusting to these left-handed clubs, but it was so cheap.
    I'm missing some spikes on my golf shoes and it causes me to slip.

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