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    The Husbands' Charity Golf Tournament was held third time on 9th July 2011 at Old Lake Golf Club, Tata. The main aim of the tournament was to increase the means of You Can Recover Assosiation.

    It was a great pleasure for us than despite of the hot weather the number of participans was 66 players and 25 family members who joined to our event.

    We would like to thank to all of the players and sponsors
    who supported us.

    The prizes are important but the main aim was to help to the Meggyógyulhatsz Egyesület (You Can Recover). This year we could collect 1.6 M HUF, 10% more than last year.



    The Winners of 2011:

    Brutto 1st  place and the Challenge cup horder till 2012

    (the Challenge Cup was offered by Kósa Reneszánsz Ceramic Studio)

    (4ps BMW golf travel cover, 1-1 pc for each team players
    4 ps 150 EUR voucher for the Golf Travel Hungary golf trips):

    Sárközi Richárd, Sárközi Henrietta, Sós Magdolna, Friedrich György


    Brutto Last place

    (Two nights, 8 hours on the golf simulator for the Team
    at the Royal Club Hotel, Visegrad) :

    Kiss Heni, Réti László, Tóth Károly

    Netto 1st place

    (Two nights, 3-day unlimited golf for the Team
    at the Golf Club Szarvaskut, Zirc
    with a BMW 5 limousine for the long weekend ) :


    Kocsis Réka, Molnár Lászlóné, Dibusz László


    Additional Prizes (instead of Netto 2nd and  3rd place)

    (1-1 p Dinner for two teams with unlimited drink to the Vakvarjú Restaurants):

     Dr. Tóth Tamara Beáta, Simon Balázs, Nagy Tibor, Toma Imre

    Dani Péter, Subetz István,"Kínai Tomi", Dr. Bartha András



    Longest Drive

    (- 1-1 p with a BMW X3 for the long weekend
    - 1-1 Cardivascular assessment in the First Med Centers
    1-1 Golfmania Card) :

    Ladies: Sárközi Henrietta
    Gentlemen: Sárközi Richárd



    (United Brands gift (Amarula cream liqueur, Stolichnaya vodka):

    Subetz István


    (Golfmania card):

    Nagy Zsombor


    Putt competition

    ( 1 p Fresh Air airfilter):

    Sárközi Richárd

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